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Intelligence for teamwork

Built by Olympic sport scientists, innerlogic empowers leaders to harness the power of team dynamics with world-class analytics.

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The smartest way to manage your team

Become a team dynamics expert by utilizing network analysis, emotional intelligence, and team health data driven by powerful machine learning models.

Great questions.

Static surveys are rigid and monotonous. Innerlogic’s dynamic smart surveys ask intelligently generated questions based on real-time context. It’s like having your own person coach.

Better context.

Understand your team’s dynamics like never before. Backed by Google’s decade long study on team effectiveness, innerlogic demystifies teamwork with a platform built for leaders.

Unrivaled insights.

Get maximum insights from minimal inputs. Innerlogic leverages machine learning, network analysis, and natural language processing to extract powerful insights from concise and intelligent pulse surveys.

Know exactly how to  support
your team.

Innerlogic brings powerful machine learning to your fingertips. Detecting patters, assessing dynamics, connecting themes, and ultimately giving you complete clarity.

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Powerful  analysis.
Clear actions.

Get the right information at exactly the right time with smart surveys that adapt to your teams context and leverage cutting edge science on team health and emotional intelligence.

Schedules and  permissions
for you.

Advanced team structures take the guesswork out of information sharing. Automated and customized information delivery ensures all access points are just as you want them.

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How can your team work better together?

Every team, whether they work remotely or in an office, wants to work together as best they can. See how the Reach Alliance uses innerlogic to do just that, by creating a healthy, high-performance culture within their teams.

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See how focusing on emotional health will drive performance in your team

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World class team intelligence helps your teams work better together.

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