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Teams work up to 30% better with innerlogic
Team management software that instills a people-focused culture of empowerment and ownership. Because great culture starts with the strength of your teams.
Teams work better with innerlogic
Leading teams is complex and time consuming. Innerlogic brings unrivalled clarity and efficiency to leadership and ensures leaders are completely connected to both their team and team members’ needs.
Team Work
Team Work + innerlogic
Up to 30% better performance
up to
improvements in Team Health
up to
improvements in Team Mood
A system for forward thinking business leaders.
Leverage the untapped science of teamwork to find your next competitive edge. Innerlogic is the SAAS solution for truly innovative teams, leaders, & organizations.
Culture Development
Grow past office politics and fluffy feedback cycles. Send a signal to your team members that their voice is valued, and bring their input to life.
Emotional Health
Build and maintain the EQ of your people and teams. Emotions account for up to 58% of performance, and yet only 36% of adults can accurately identify them.
Network Analysis
No more guess work on how your organization is operating at its core. Get complete organizational transparency.
Theme Mapping
Don't get overloaded with feedback. Let our natural language processing software empower you and your leaders by offering analysis on all feedback collected.
Cluster Analytics
Advanced trend tracking that goes beyond what you can naturally observe. See the patterns that put you and your leaders ahead of the curve.
Organization Optimization
A home for people data to live, breath and grow. The innerlogic software helps organizations build and sustain people centered teams and leaders.
What to expect when using innerlogic
We've aggregated statistics from the first 30 days of innerlogic's team intelligence usage. On average, company's experienced improvements in key areas such as mood, trust, communication, and resilience. Book a demo and find out how innerlogic can help you and your team.
Build and maintain the EQ of your leaders and teams
More connected and transparent culture
Deeper & more meaningful conversations
An immediate ROI for your time
Team Health
Team resilience
How innerlogic is different than other feedback systems
Focus on teamwork
Innerlogic helps teams work better together using the latest science and technology.
Move beyond engagement
Innerlogic quantifies the foundation of phenomenal team work.
Build emotional intelligence
Help your business drive performance through compassion, empathy and understanding.
Powerful analytics
Cutting edge analytics, developed by Olympic sport scientists, that dont leave you scratching your head at what to do next.
Experience the benefits of great team work today
Fast setup for teams of any size
An investment in your team work
Get ahead of the pack