Your AI culture copilot

Innerlogic enables organizations to go directly from insights to impact with culture KPI’s tied to instant, expert designed action plans.

Unlock your AI culture strategy

Engagement surveys take months to interpret or enact, and external consultants aren’t sustainable. Powered by AI and a world-class knowledge base, innerlogic transforms culture KPI’s into precise recommendations for your organization.

Turn surveys into rich conversations

Traditional surveys are static and shallow. Our conversational AI creates a unique conversation with all of your people, capturing incredible nuance and context for your most intuitive and scalable culture actions ever.

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“Innerlogic showed us what’s possible with people analytics. They instantly turn insights into actionable, individualized plans and empowered our People Ops team to be a key part of the business intelligence conversation.”

Sasha Kosanov, Director of People Ops


“Before innerlogic, we would use subjective “back-of-the-hand” tests to test a team’s health. But with innerlogic, we can learn from rich team data to ask the right questions and deploy the best interventions instantly.”

Jason Sealy, Head Performance Coach

“The innerlogic platform allows you to make culture the responsibility of all because you can deploy action plans that are segmented, and you can create action plans that are employee-wide in their accountability.”

Michael Bartlett, CEO

“With innerlogic it’s allowed us to actually measure the culture. Which is great because, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. So, if we believe that culture is and can be a competitive advantage, which we fully do here, we need to first measure it.”

Leo MacPherson, Director of Athletics

10x your people data ROI 

While basic survey tools pile up futile data, innerlogic directly supports your change efforts with conversational AI and coaching that performs like a full blown consultant.

Scale effective change

Scaling culture accross your company is complex and time consuming. Equip your leaders with simple tools to lead efficient, inspiring change.

Deploy intelligent action plans

For a fraction of the cost and time of external consultants, generate instant culture strategies unique to your organization’s needs.

Tap into deep cultural intelligence today.

Are you tired of lengthy engagement surveys that fail to bring about tangible change in your organization? Discover innerlogic, the innovative solution that bridges the gap between data collection and meaningful action.