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Culture Analytics for sport
Ensuring your sport organization has a healthy high-performance culture
Understanding the state of your culture is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must. Our culture auditing platform, designed specifically for sport, allows you to assess risk and optimize performance all in one place.
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Why innerlogic is the culture analytics
solution for your sport organization
Whether a professional, collegiate, or amateur sport body, our experts have crafted the assessment and auditing process for you. We know how high the stakes are when it comes to the health of your culture.
Built by Olympic culture coaches
and sport scientists
Reliable & holistic measures that take
a deep dive into your sport culture
Easy-to-use dashboards and reports
that ignite action & growth
Measure What Matters
Insights you can't
afford to miss.
The cost of unhealthy culture is immense. Innerlogic’s culture analytics platform allows you to stay ahead of cultural breakdowns and blindspots that will otherwise set your organization back years.
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Risk Analysis
A solution to the biggest challenge
facing sport organizations today.
Measured. Integrated. Inclusive.
The days of culture being an “intangible” are gone. Innerlogic allows you to be intentional & data-driven with your most critical organizational indicators.
An integrated process that reduces risk & optimizes performance across your entire sport organization
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Predictive Analytics
Finally, a system that connects
culture and performance.
Professional Sport
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Collegiate Sport
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Amateur Sport
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The Coaches Guide to
Emotional Health
In this guide you will learn about:
  • Emotions as the foundation of behavior and well-being
  • A mental model of emotional responsiveness
  • The difference between emotional health and stress
  • The emotional spectrum
  • The difference between emotions, moods, and feelings
  • Emotional health in teams
  • The cost of emotional labor
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