Build a culturally intelligent organization

From the boardroom to the hardwood, we help high-performance organizations in business and sport understand and optimize the true potential of their culture.

Get the data that drives culturally intelligent growth

Over 80% of CEOs want their organization to be data driven, but very few know how to apply this philosophy to culture. Innerlogic improves organizational outcomes by combining leading culture measurement methodology with a dynamic technology and data science solution.

What is cultural intelligence?

In the performance context, cultural intelligence is the ability to effectively manage many complex social-emotional variables inside of large groups and teams. Culturally intelligent organizations take a data-driven approach to culture transformation to ensure their efforts are rooted in evidence-based signals.

Your culture intelligence toolbox

Eliminate culture blind spots with our suite of culture analytics, tools, and solutions.

Building a healthy high-performance culture is complex and time consuming. That’s why we’ve built an end-to-end culture solution that drives change at all levels of an organization.

Expert methodology

Utilize world-leading measurement tools that ensure you’re getting the right data to make change.

Data science driven

Robust data requires robust data science. Start finding the real signals through the noise.

Strategic planning

The best change strategies turn data into action. Plan with intent in our integrated action planning toolkit.

Custom technology

Our technology is designed for one purpose: measuring culture. Don’t settle for unreliable, half-baked tools.

Sentiment analysis

Qualitative data matters, but real trends are hard to spot. Level up your understanding with a smarter system.

Unlimited controls

Every culture is unique. Get to the core of your cultural DNA using our custom data filters and tags.

Innerlogic has managed to make a complex concept like culture tangible and measurable like no HR software has done. They have allowed our business to measure the unique experiences of our people and increased our cultural understanding.

Sasha Kosanov, People operations lead

Cultural economics in a nutshell


Of performance variability is attributed to cultural alignment


Of culture change efforts die in the original meeting

$500 billion

Spent on fixing poor culture each year in the corporate market

Find the signals through the noise

Complex data is difficult to make meaning of. That’s why we’ve done the important analysis for you. From statistical signifigance, to response distribution, we’ve got all your data needs covered.

Mitigate risk and optimize performance all in one solution

Where culture and data-science collide, incredible insights emerge. Our analytics will ensure you attack culture with more accuracy and confidence than ever.

– Analyze culture using unlimited custom data filters and tags, allowing you to identify costly gaps that otherwise remain buried

– Get ahead of cultural deficiencies before they become unrepairable using a state of the art integrated system

– Quickly make meaning out of qualitative data using our sentiment analysis and risk sorting feature


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