The AI-powered solution for accelerating culture growth.

Simply gathering culture data isn’t enough. Bridge the costly gap between insight and change with AI-powered recommendations and performance predictions.

Think beyond engagement.

Engagement surveys leave organiztaions with piles of data and no real change. In fact, 86% of organizations say they produce little to no tangible impact or meaningful growth. Start using an end-to-end solution that guides intelligent strategies and predicts real outcomes.

1. Diagnose your cultural DNA

Bring clarity to your most critical KPI with our seamless, science-backed High Performance Culture Index.

2. Design targeted strategies

Based on your diagnostic, our AI-engine will provide intelligent & robust recommendations in a flash.

3. Deliver a tangible culture ROI

Connect your culture data to business outcomes and OKRs to unlock a powerful predictions hub.

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Innerlogic showed us what’s possible with people analytics. They instantly turn insights into actionable, individualized plans and empowered our People Ops team to be a key part of the business intelligence conversation.
Sasha Kosanov, Director of People Ops

Unrivaled insight & integration

Transform culture into true business intelligence and bring hard science to those “soft” conversations.

Customized action plans

For a fraction of the cost and time of external consultants, generate instant culture strategies unique to your organization’s needs.

Streamlined execution

Culture is complex and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Utilize simple tools to lead efficient change.

How Resulta is driving culture growth with innerlogic

How Resulta is driving culture growth with innerlogic

  Resulta, founded in 1993, is a multidisciplinary team of over 150 marketing & technology explorers driven by the prospect of solving problems. They offer a suite of products to solve the most daunting business problems in strategy & marketing,...

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Reimagine your people analytics strategy today.

Are you tired of lengthy engagement surveys that fail to bring about tangible change in your organization? Discover innerlogic, the innovative solution that bridges the gap between data collection and meaningful action.