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Innerlogic turns culture into a powerful predictor of performance and effectiveness, allowing organizations to connect culture metrics to other business intelligence data.

Think beyond engagement.

Over 80% of leaders want their organization to be data driven, but very few know how to apply this philosophy to culture. Innerlogic transforms culture into a true KPI through world-class methodology and cutting edge data-science.

Powerful predictions Innerlogic

AI-based insights

AI-powered insights and forecasting metrics for pro-active course corrections.

Performance outcomes Innerlogic

Powerful predictions

Robust analytics for quantifying the ROI on culture gaps, strengths, and initiatives, .

Leadership agility inner logic

Organized action plans

Expert-designed planning templates connected to assessment results for real change.

Team effectiveness

Intelligent teams

Diagnoses of team specific culture gaps and strengths to improve team motivation, alignment, and output.

Team Personality optimization

Leadership optimization

Insights designed to enhance leadership capacity and decision making at all levels.

Emotional health

Personality integration

Understand what all personality styles need to thrive and collaborate inside your culture.

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Innerlogic gives us the data to pull back the veil of our organization to see what’s working and what’s not, to see from our people’s perspective what they think we could be doing better.
Teyawna Stewart, Director of Human Resources


Your culture intelligence toolbox

Built by experts trusted by some of the world’s highest performing teams in business and sport, innerlogic makes complex culture data science easy and accessible for any organization.

culture analytics

Culture Analytics

Modernized Methodology

Direct access to cutting edge culture science. 

modernized methodology
modernized methodology

Deep Data

Connect your people data to make powerful predictions.

culture analytics

Action plan

Integrated Change

The best change strategies turn data into action.

modernized methodology

Organizations around the world are using Innerlogic

How Resulta is driving culture growth with innerlogic

How Resulta is driving culture growth with innerlogic

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Reimagine your culture approach

Where culture and data-science collide, incredible insights emerge. Our analytics will ensure you attack culture with more accuracy and confidence than ever.