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Video series

Join our CEO, Bryce Tully, as he shares insights from his time working as an Olympic sport scientist


Episode #1: Evidence based leadership approaches

Ceo and co-founder of innerlogic, Bryce Tully, explains the different models for leadership, and the evidence associated with each approach.

Runtime 1m32s
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Episode #2: How emotions work in teams

How can all emotions be utilized in teams to point towards a common goal? Bryce Tully explains.

Runtime 2m13s
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Episode #3: How innerlogic helps create a high performance feedback system

Clear and transparent feedback is the basis of great team work. Find out how innerlogic creates a system for delivering a gold standard in feedback based on the most cutting edge science of team work.

Runtime 3m17s
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How Olympic Teams Build World Leading Culture

Innerlogic co-founder and mental performance consultant Bryce Tully shares his experience working with Olympic teams. Using examples from sport, there are many practical takeaways for leaders looking to understand what it takes to build world leading team culture.

Runtime 1:04:29
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Leading culture change with executive performance coach Jason Sealy

Jason Sealy is the first guest on the innerlogic podcast. Jason is an executive coach based in Toronto, Ontario.

Runtime 38:35
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Building a high performance environment with national team rugby coach Jack Hanratty

Jack Hanratty first worked in rugby dating back to 2008 with the professional team of Leinster in Ireland before moving to Canada in 2013. Jack is a world rugby educator, has coached the canadian teams of U17 men, U18 men, U20 men & women, and senior women. Jack is currently the head coach of Canada's U20 womens team, he's the head coach of Nova Scotia's senior men & womens teams, and he's a rugby Canada academy coach.

Runtime 54:41
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The effect of emotional health in the workplace

Discover how emotions form the foundation of behaviors and well being in the workplace. Written by innerlogic co-founder, learn about the differences between emotional health and stress, the emotional spectrum, and the cost of emotional labor.

9 min read
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