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Manage your team better with great data on dynamics & emotions

Whether remote or in persion, get ahead of dysfunctions and increase your team resilience through the inevitable challenges of teamwork.

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Science backed metrics that support high-performance teamwork
We’ve leveraged research from Google’s decade long study on team effectiveness, as well as organizational and performance psychology, to provide an evidence-based tool that transforms team effectiveness.
  • Ongoing team health metrics and insights
  • Team and individual tracking
  • Smart-surveys that learn over time
One of a kind mood tracking that boosts awareness and compassion for all
Moods have a profound affect on teamwork, so we’ve taken emotion management to another level with the most in-depth and precise team mood tracking tool available.
  • Intuitive mood tracking and reflection processes
  • Team and individual mood management dashboards
  • Aggregated mood measures and insights

Three steps to better teamwork

Setup your team

Choose the team structure that best fits your needs and then invite your team members to join.

Setup your schedule

Collect your team data and feedback at the ideal frequency for you.

Step up your teamwork

Begin unlocking the full human potential within your team using this new layer of insight and awareness.

How team intelligence works

Through simplified smart surveys, the team management tool helps teams prioritize the health of their team dynamics and emotions.

Custom configurations
Setup your team and team members however you want, customizing the experience to best suit your team. Privacy, anonymity, and permissions for you.
Smart pulses
Our pulse surveys not only get to the core of what drives a healthy team, they integrate smart, personalized questions as they learn over time.
Dashboard reporting
As data experts, we’ve simplified how your team and organization data is reported and displayed, so you get a deeper understanding in the simplest way.
Trend tracking
Uncover critical trends at both the team and individual level that empower you to lead and collaborate with greater precision and compassion than ever.

Manage your team better with world-class team intelligence at your fingertips