Build a healthy high-performance environment

A holistic and proactive culture solution that helps sport organizations unite, align, and perform.

Culture elevated.

Culture is shaped by the daily actions, norms, beliefs, and perceptions inside of a team or organization. Innerlogic is your hub for making sense of these complex, and constantly changing dynamics.

Data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making

Make confident decisions based on holistic, honest, tangible results and insights.

Inclusive 360 degree feedback

Inclusive 360-degree feedback

See culture through a multi-factor, multi-person, and multi-time lens to drive informed action.

Player safety and protection

Incorporated player safety and protection 

Ensure team members’ individual well-being and safety is the foundation of your high-performance culture.

Meet the Sport Culture Index

Built by experts from Professional and Olympic sport and based on the newest research, the SCI platform is a modern and practical diagnostic tool made specifically for sport. Our end-to-end transformational approach will ensure you move more than just the needle and stay ahead of costly cultural issues.

meet the sport culture index
I’ve learned so much about our team, our program, and most importantly, the human experience of culture in a high-pressure environment. It has helped us grow as a group year over year.
Carly Clarke, Team Canada Coach


Your culture hub

World-class analytics

Analyze and understand your culture in deeper, meaningful ways through our stunning visuals and AI-based reporting.

Compelling insights

Lead your culture with more precision and confidence than ever before using relaible insights that make sense of complex groups.

Reliable methodology

Targeting collective attitudes and a holistic approach, our 360 degree Sport Culture Index gets to core of your environment.

Integrated action planning

Great reports are only as great as the actions they succeed at implementing. We’ve got you covered here with a fully integrated action planning toolkit and action ROI tracker.

Sport organizations are using innerlogic to build world-class culture

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