Culture analytics for sport organizations

A holistic measurement tool that ensures sport environments are not only safe and inclusive, but also high-performing and aligned.

Meet our 360 degree sport culture index

A platform for sport organizations looking to prioritize their people and environment. Because you simply can’t manage what you can’t measure.

why innerlogic

Empower your people and programs to move in complete synchrony

Innerlogic empowers organizations to understand their cultural DNA throughout all cross-sections of their environment. Our process is well proven to enhance leadership capacity and effectiveness.

Our analytics will ensure your teams are closing their cultural gaps with intent and accuracy, ultimately leading to healthier practices and better results.

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create a healthy, high-performance environment

A safe place for culture data to flow

Innerlogic ensures organizations are able to make accurate, timely, and evidence-based leadership decisions when it comes to their culture. We ensure everyone has a voice by instilling feedback best-practices supported by incredible reporting and data.  

the platform

Simple, smooth, effective

Seamless data captures

With no app or download required, innerlogic captures culture data at very low frequency, but with very high detail.

World-class analytics

We pride ourselves on producing the best in class data available when it comes to measuring and visualizing cultural insights.

Integrated action planning

Great measures are only as great as the actions they create. We’ve got you covered here with a fully integrated action planning toolkit.

“I’ve learned so much about our team, our program, and most importantly, the human experience of culture in a high-stakes environment. It has helped us connect as a group”

Carly clarke, Ryerson Rams & Team Canada coach


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