People-centered business intelligence

Innerlogic levels up your people data by giving you ongoing, actionable culture intelligence that generates real returns.

Transform disconnected data into real growth.

Complex data is difficult to make meaning of. That’s why we’ve done the important analysis for you. Innerlogic acts as a hub for all of your people-focused data, and transforms it into a singular, critical KPI – culture.


Unlock the power of deep cultural intelligence

Innerlogic’s back end is supported by an easy-to-use front-end user platform. View your culture in different, meaningful ways through our stunning visuals, and team specific heat map tools.

Innerlogic has managed to make a complex concept like culture tangible and measurable like no HR software has done. They have allowed our business to measure the unique experiences of our people and increased our cultural understanding.
Sasha Kosanov, People operations lead

Organizations around the world are using Innerlogic

Powering a data-driven approach to culture in a new world of work

Building a healthy, high-performing culture is complex and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve built an end-to-end culture solution that drives change at all levels of an organization. Eliminate culture blind spots with our culture analytics, tools, and solutions suite.

Add context to your data

With innerlogic’s custom data design process, all of your HR data is made more meaningful, analytical, and actionable. Most importantly though, it all becomes anchored in culture.

Level up your insights

Great insights start with quality data, and innerlogic’s Corporate Culture Index is designed to generate deep corporate intelligence with culture at the core.

Connect and automate

APIs with HR softwares helps us effortlessly synchronize data you already have flowing in, as well as seamlessly incorporate our world-class culture index as a central anchor point.

Capture your culture ROI

Innerlogic’s powerful analytics engine makes meaningful predictions that directly impact your cultural approach. Act with precision and confidence using world-leading culture data.

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