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Team Connectivity
Your team's connectivity has increased +10% this week. Connectivity measures the degree to which each team member is connected.
Community index
Your team's community index has increased +15% this week. A higher community index indicates the prescence of smaller communities within your team.
Your team's centrilization has decreased -30% this week. Centralization is an indication of common hubs that connect your entire team.

Data that works harder for you

Understand the functioning of your team and organization with innerlogic's work flow mapping. Develop a deeper understanding of how your team's work flows over time.

Get insights that grow your understanding

Your team's connections come alive in innerlogic's cutting edge network analysis. Learn how connection drives your team, and take advantage of trends that matter.

Less analysis, better action

Start your week off knowing exactly how your team is operating, and how connections drive your team's effectiveness. Lead with more precision, act with more confidence.

Analytics that help you learn and understand the core concepts that drive your people.
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I thought we came together as a team through that project.
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The team was there for me when I needed it. Thanks team!
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We need more meetings like that if we’re really going to understand and support each other.
Theme Analytics
The relationships theme based on belonging, connection, togetherness, and support.
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Get expert level clarity on your people instantly, at your fingertips.
It can be overwhelming to receive so much feedback from your team, and not know what to do with it. Themes give you a clearer picture of what your team is saying. Innerlogic’s natural language models help you identify what factors are at play in your team’s dynamic. It's as if an expert is there guiding you on what is having the biggest impact on your environment.
Identify team-wide opportunities to improve your people’s productivity at scale
Team Cluster #1
Impact on Scores
  • Significantly more feelings of motivation
  • Moderately less feelings of stress
  • Moderately less feelings of discontent
Interconnectedness of cluster
This cluster of team members have moderate work place connection. Clusters with higher interconnectedness spend more of their time working together. Whereas, low interconnectedness signals that this cluster is less connected by their working relationships.
Feedback Sentiment
Positive (44%)
A measure of the overall sentiment of this cluster's feedback. Clusters with positive feedback sentiment tend to have more positively worded feedback comments, whereas negative feedback sentiment is an indication of negatively worded comments.
How innerlogic’s cluster intelligence works:
Innerlogic’s cluster intelligence engine helps you see similarities between your team members. Combining 63 data points to give you a simplified and exact picture of your team’s patterns.
When teams are large, or when looking at entire organizations, the similarities between how everyone is feeling and contributing is difficult to nail down. Our clustering techniques help you cut through the “so whats next” fog and helps you see the clearest picture of your environment.
Team & people focused information that learns over time
Historical Insights
Based on your team's history here are the top 3 key recommendations for impacting your team's current situation
Focus on relationships
Your team's Resilience and Communication are significantly positively impacted by the theme of relationships.
Consider increasing your team connectivity
Your team's connectivity has a significant impact on your team's feelings of Motivation and Drive. Consider connecting people between groups that aren't currently connected.
Pay attention to Communication
Based on your team's history, communication is most improved when comments were found to contain the following keywords: Goals, Priority, Distractions
A system that grows with you and your organization
Innerlogic sifts through mountains of data in your team archives and applies sophisticated AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to distill the most important actions you can take to have the largest impact on your team. Spend more time having an impact and less time filtering through endless survey results.

Experience the improvements team intelligence can deliver.