Bryce Tully (MSc)

Co-founder & CEO

As a performance psychology & culture lead with the Canadian Olympic Team for 8 years, Bryce brings a wealth of knowledge to the change management and analytics space.


Mike Bawol (MSc)

Co-founder & president

With over a decade of experience working in data management with the Canadian Olympic team, Mike is a seasoned pro when it comes to analytics.

Our Team

Deepesh Krishnan

Deepesh Krishnan

Chief technical officer
Kevin Duffie

Kevin Duffie (MEd)

Chief of staff
Danielle Mercer PhD

Danielle Mercer (PhD)

Research & innovation lead
Ben Mury

Ben Mury

Front-end development lead
Ben Mury

Irina Andronova

Design lead
Emiliano Void

Emiliano Void

EDI advisor