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About Us
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Our Story
Founded by Olympic sport scientists, innerlogic was created to fill a meaningful gap in the sport landscape. We know from experience how critical culture is, how broad an impact it has on both human and performance factors, and yet how intangible and unaccountable the space is - even at the highest levels of sport. This led us to create a company that helps sport organizations measure the state of their culture at all levels, ensuring sport environments are not only safe and supportive, but also high-performing and aligned.
Our Mission
“To help sport organizations create high-performance cultures that are safe, supportive, accountable, and aligned through the use of reliable and actionable assessment processes.”
Our Team
Bryce Tully, MSc
Prior to co-founding innerlogic, Bryce worked as a mental performance and culture consultant for the Canadian Olympic Team, attending the Tokyo Olympics and countless World Championships. As a member of COC’s mental health task force, culture task force, and gold medal profiling task force, Bryce has extensive knowledge and experience helping high-performance organizations enhance their results using social, emotional, and psychological strategies.
Mike Bawol, Co-founder & President
Prior to co-founding innerlogic, Mike worked as a data analyst for the Canadian Olympic Team for over a decade. Throughout his time in this role, he attended two Olympic Games where he worked with coaches and athletes on the field of play, helping them understand performance conditions and make quick decisions using real-time data analysis.
Deepesh Krishnan, CTO
Deepesh has been working in the tech industry for over 20 years, taking on a variety of roles as a developer at all levels. With a background in business and entrepreneurship, Deepesh has helped start-ups achieve technical scalability in short periods of time.
Kevin Duffie, CRO
Kevin Duffie has a Master’s of Education in Leadership from Acadia University. Prior to joining innerlogic as their Chief Revenue Officer, he was a full-time university basketball coach for 14 years. He has lead teams representing Nova Scotia nationally and Canada internationally. He currently serves a mentor coach with Sport Nova Scotia. His Master’s degree work included Program and Leadership Development for non-profit organizations.