How Resulta is Driving Culture Growth with Innerlogic

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Resulta, founded in 1993, is a multidisciplinary team of over 150 marketing & technology explorers driven by the prospect of solving problems. They offer a suite of products to solve the most daunting business problems in strategy & marketing, performance optimization and much more.

Headquartered in Halifax, NS, resulta is proudly Nova Scotian and fiercely world-class.


The Challenge

Resulta has found themselves in a unique position where they have undergone impressive growth over the past two years (almost 250%). With this growth, however, came complexity. In a small team of 14, for example, there are 91 different lines of communication, and with each line, there are inevitably exchanges of values, perspectives, and personalities (i.e., culture). Resulta felt the challenge of understanding and aligning over 150 people split into more than 30 departments and teams. And to cap things off, they had the daunting task of scaling their culture through the many variables presented by the covid pandemic.


The Solution

This is what led them to innerlogic. A tool that gives them data and information about how their people are perceiving their work environments culturally. Not only does innerlogic provide them with a detailed analysis of 12 evidence-based culture factors across hundreds of individual characteristics and markers, but it also empowers them with the knowledge of how these factors are moderated by virtually any variable they want (i.e., tenure, functional role, cross-functional teams, etc.). And while this information may seem daunting at first glance, they quickly realize just how targeted their culture solutions are with better data.


The Process

Innerlogic provides resulta with the data to understand the current state of their culture; from the perspectives of everyone at every level of the organization (i.e., 360-degree feedback). This process not only sheds incredible light and clarity on the people-operations aspects of their business but also connects their culture to other critical business intelligence data. That’s right, innerlogic API’s into business intelligence data, allowing for powerful predictions on everything from departmental performance to role retention.


Resulta is on a Mission

Resulta aims to nurture, retain, and protect its employees through exciting local and international growth. All companies say that they put their people first, but Resulta is proving that they do this in a tangible way.

They have ambitious goals for the future of their company, and to realize this future, they need to gauge cultural outcomes in their ever-shifting and immensely complex organizational contexts. They must take detailed and inclusive stock of where they are now across the organization to ensure they are on an intentional, targeted path forward. And further, so they can better understand the impacts of future cultural initiatives and actions.


Measuring Culture is Challenging: How We Do It

Culture is the intersectionality of two important things, results and relationships. These two axes, and often competing values, go into building a great culture. Innerlogic has developed a methodology and supporting platform that helps organizations understand how their culture intersects on these two key dimensions.


Empowering at All Levels

Ultimately, innerlogic has provided a tool to help empower employees and equip leadership at resulta. It is not a one-way system where feedback flows up and never filters back down – innerlogic takes a 360-degree approach at all stages by empowering managers with their own culture reporting and analytics specific to their team within the organization.
Resulta is tapping into something that no one else is doing now, and it’s unique. Their people are sharing a unique experience together, and they are doing with more than 90% engagement in the process.



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