STFX Athletics: Leveraging Culture as a Core Component for Student-Athlete Development

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STFX Athletics

Part two of this case study series: STFX Athletics: One Year Into Cultivating a Winning Culture With An Investment in People and Legacy


STFX Athletics has consistently demonstrated the value of investing in developing its coaches and student-athletes. The school in a small town in rural Nova Scotia has always punched academically and athletically above its weight. Their people (coaches, staff, and students) are their most significant asset, and they continue to find innovative ways to invest in their development. The partnership with innerlogic will provide an integrated and automated approach to leveraging their competitive advantage: culture.


Valuing People Development

STFX has a tradition of building leaders and champions. Leo MacPherson, Director of Athletic & Recreation at STFX University, has always put a premium on the development of student-athletes and coaches.

They have been national front-runners in leadership development and the cultivation of culture. Their athletics department also has achievements across the board, with multiple teams in the top 10 national rankings every season. Their combination of academic excellence and athletic achievement puts them in the country’s top tier of the student-athlete experience. They are consistently ranked among the top undergraduate universities in the country, including the #1 rank in student satisfaction.


2-pillar Partnership

The partnership features a two-pronged approach. Firstly, department-wide analytics and reporting will capture longitudinal trends and provide a continuity of support through aligned debrief processes—secondly, sport program-specific analysis and reporting, including an integrated planning toolkit for the coaching staff.

He commented on the exciting partnership with innerlogic, “we are excited about this partnership with innerlogic as it enables us to take another step forward in our development of student-athletes as Leaders & Champions on and off the playing field. Winning cultures have people coming together to find solutions, share results, and take responsibility for the process. This partnership will enhance our STFX Student-Athlete Leadership Academy and empower our student-athletes and coaches to achieve their full potential as individuals and as teams.”

The department has done a remarkable job of building its programs, and with this announcement, they find themselves setting another trend in development possibilities for student-athletes and staff.


Innerlogic: Leading a New Era of Measurement

Innerlogic is a sophisticated software company whose vision is to inspire holistic and accountable cultures in high-performance domains. Innerlogic’s mission is to provide a world-class culture analysis solution whose goal is to create the best culture management experience and help support organizations reap the tremendous benefits of enhancing and building their culture.



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